Know the Signs and Symptoms...

Please review the Head Injury Information Sheet below. It offers signs and symptoms of concussions. Please note that most concussions do not occur with loss of consciousness. If your child reports any symptoms of a concussion, or you observe any signs of a concussion yourself; please seek the guidance of the assigned district athletic trainer or medical assistance. You also need to inform your coach.

If a Concussion is sustained...

  1. LCSD Concussion Policy - LCSD Steps for Return to Play (see document below)
  2. FHSAA Concussion Policy:
  • FHSAA requires an athlete with a SUSPECTED Concussion MUST be immediately removed from participation and directed to an appropriate health care professional (AHCP), defined as an MD or a DO, for evaluation and management of this injury.
  • An AT18 must be completed in order to return to full participation. (see document below)

Concussion Forms and Policies