Course Sequence: 

Introduction to Hospitality (10th)

Computing for Travel and Tourism (11th)

Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism (12th)

Internship (12th grade)


Amanda Patterson – Senior

              Internship:  Petals and Presents, Florist


This is your third and final year in the Academy – what was your favorite class in the Academy?   Introduction to Hospitality my sophomore year.  We were able to learn all the basic foundation knowledge that can be used in the hospitality industry and any career path you with to take


What did you learn in the Academy that you can use in any career path? One thing I learned was you will have to deal with all types of people and you have to serve everyone with the same level of “hospitality” no matter how they treat you or how you are feeling. 


Why did you take the Academy out of all the choices at Estero High SchoolI plan on going to FGCU for Exercise Science or Secondary Education.  Resort and Hospitality is on the back burner as a possible idea/major for a future career too.  All I know for sure is I want to be able to work with people every day.


I chose the Academy because I wanted to learn more about the business.  It is something I am interested in pursuing so I wanted to gain knowledge about the hospitality and tourism industry.  


Best part of your internship? Being able to learn from the owner and the other employees.  I have been able to see how everyone plays an important role in the success of the shop. ..from taking out the trash, arranging flowers, to cleaning out the cooler – we all help in whatever area needs it.