Cambridge Exam Schedule for Spring 2018

Senior Meeting Information-April 5, 2018

2018-19 Cambridge/Advanced Program Application

Updated Cambridge Application

The District recently made changes to the Advanced Program applications for AICE and IB.  Please use the newest form.  If you have already submitted an application, you are fine.

Students! Are You a Good Fit for Cambridge?

Are you an avid reader?

Do you complete assignments thoroughly and on time?

Can you work without constant monitoring by a teacher or a parent?

Can you be assigned large blocks of work and be relied upon to complete them?

Do you learn from mistakes?

Are you curious about academic pursuits in general?

Are you willing to commit to taking the most rigorous curriculum EHS offers?

If you have answered, YES to the above questions, you should consider applying for the AICE Program.

Google Classroom Information

Make sure your child is enrolled in the Cambridge Google Classroom.

Make sure you supply Mrs. Foley with the email to which you would like to receive email updates for your child’s Google Classrooms.  Please send your preferred email(s) to, along with your child's name.  If you do not know the code for the Cambridge Google classroom, contact Mrs. Foley.

Parent Night Power Point and Answers to Questions

Handouts from Parent Night-Plus extra information

AICE Diploma Planning Guide

New Community Service Hours Required Paperwork

Transcript Form - Email directly to Cambridge

Contact Information

Nancy Foley, Cambridge Coordinator

If you have any questions contact me, at

Cambridge Websites

AICE Diploma Requirements

The requirements for the AICE Diploma have changed.  If you earn your AICE Diploma by 2016, you are under the old requirements.  If you earn the AICE Diploma in 2017 or later, you will be required to pass Global Perspectives along with six tests.  One must be from each of the major groups.    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Foley.

AICE Diploma Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum of seven credits:

Global Perspectives is required by all 

Group 1: Mathematics and Science

Group 2: Languages                                  At least one from group 1, 2 and 3

Group 3: Arts and Humanities

Group 4: Interdisciplinary and skills based subjects - maximum of two

See the AICE Diploma Planning Guide toward the top of the web page.



AICE and Dual Enrollment
Students can take Dual Enrollment classes and AICE classes. In fact, many of our students earn their AICE diploma in their Junior year and go on to do full time Dual Enrollment or a mix of Dual Enrollment and AICE. Return to Top
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College Planning Guide

It's never too early to start planning for college. Resources below.

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Florida College Credits for AICE Exams

See the College Course Equivalents - pp 6-9

Articulation for College Credit

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AICE Credits Accepted by Colleges - Searchable Database Return to Top
Weighted Credits for Cambridge courses
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Parent and Learner Site

You can search for old exams and examiner marks

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Brock, Matthew AICE Economics AICE Thinking Skills A Level  
Casteel, Katherine Pre-AICE World History    
Cathell, Brian Pre-AICE English Literature AICE General Paper  
Danielson, Christy AICE Global Perspectives AICE US History A Level  
De Souza, Catherine AICE English Language    
Delago, Susan Pre-AICE French 1, 2, 3    
Diamond, Lizbeth Pre-AICE Math 3    
Ercolani, Brianna Pre-AICE English Literature AICE English Literature  
Fisher, Stephen AICE Design and Technology    
Gallegos, Romelia Pre-AICE Spanish 3 AICE Spanish Language AICE Spanish A Level
Gedney, Bonnie AICE Sociology AICE Thinking Skills AS Level  
Harris, Barry Pre-AICE Chemistry AICE Chemistry  
Hirsch, Adam AICE Environmental AICE Marine  
Houghton, Kimberly Pre-AICE English Language    
Howard, Anthony Pre-AICE Math 3    
Klinker, Jayne AICE Accounting    
Lane, Byron Pre-AICE Math 2    
Leiderman, Scott Pre-AICE English Language    
Lynch, Kimberly Pre-AICE Math 1    
Mattos, Julia Pre-AICE Spanish 1    
Moses, Lindsey Pre-AICE Biology AICE Marine  
Reddish, Kari Pre-AICE Art and Design AICE Art and Design  
Rimes, Cody Pre-AICE Chemistry AICE Psychology  
Roche, Melissa MelissaASc@ AICE General Paper AICE Thinking Skills AS Level  
Rodriquez, Ralph AICE US History AS Level AICE US History A Level  
Smock, Cinda Pre-AICE Math 2    
Stitgen, Benjamin AICE US History AS Level    
Truesdell, Peter Pre-AICE Spanish 2